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Sept 2022 Rashifal –Abhishekspeaks

Sept 2022 Rashifal –Abhishekspeaks

Sept 2022 Rashifal –Abhishekspeaks

Planetary and nakshatra position in Sept’22 start-

Sun in his sign Leo but the nakshatra of Venus. Moon in the sign of venus Libra, influenced by Rahu Nakshatra. Mars transits in his enemy sign Taurus but friendly nakshatra of the moon. Mercury has placed in his own powerhouse Virgo but moon nakshatra. Jupiter is in retro motion in the karmic nakshatra of Saturn. Venus at his troublesome sign of Leo, in the nakshatra of Ketu. Saturn in his house Capricorn but influenced by his enemy nakshatra of mars. Rahu in the sign of propulsion and the nakshatra of transformation of venus.Ketu in libra under the influence of the spiritual nakshatra of Jupiter. If you read properly, there are many things you can understand without knowing anything about astrology. Nevertheless, will discuss the effect of this combination for Sept’22.

Festivals and good Yogs inSept’22-

Our ancient Saints, whom we call Rishis( Actually they were scientists) had a very good knowledge of the solar system and Nakshtara’s. They acquired knowledge about certain energy emissions; combinations etc, which on a specific day, time coming to planet earth. Based on their finding they suggested a specific time, date, etc perform simple rituals, habits, routines, Homam, etc to manifest and align ourselves with the great universal energy and lead a blissful life.  I think this was the reason for all 365 days in a year in ancient India, we use to perform rituals daily and all the days were festivals. This is reduced to 30s now. Festivals do not mean leaving work/office and spending the whole time in rituals, rather doing simple rituals makes the day more effective, productive, and blissful.

Let’s see what all festivals for Sept22—

1-Sept – Rishi Panchami,2-Sept -Surya Shasti,3-Sept-Santan Saptami, Laxmi Vrat, Lalita Saptami,4-Sept- Maharavivar Vrat, Radha Aasthami,5-Sept. Teachers day,6-Sept. Parsva Ekadashi,7-Sept.Vamana Dwadashi, VaishnavaParsva Ekadashi,8-Sept -Pradosh Vrat,9 Sept.-Ganesh Visarjan, Anant Chaturdashi, Purnima Vrat,10- Purnima Shradha, Purnima of Bhadrapada,11-Sept- Pitrapaksh Begins. Check the extra time of start as it will start from 10th itself. I will update it in a different column. Also will update the rituals of all the dates of Sept’22 later.


Sept’22 Rashifal- Abhishekspeaks –Starting with a few lines, keep visiting the page to see detailed updates for all Rashis. I will update by 31st Aug

Aries- Harmony in the family. The happy environment around. Auspicious ceremony at home, hence Aries be ready for good news.

Taurus-Seek blessings from mother. Will have happiness through mother. Rental income and other profits from land, property, and vehicle, however, Abhishekspeaks warns you to be very careful while doing any financial transactions.

Gemini- Increase of enemies and struggle. Job and business may not do well. Abhishekspeaks cautions you to control your expenses as the situation indicates more expenses than income. Do not engage in any kind of arguments and visit the hanuman temple frequently.

Cancer- Health issues are seen for Cancerians which will reduce your mental capacity to manifest good professional and personal time for you. Do not get emotional in your acts and control your emotions. Check on your expectations. Staying in illusion will create issues. Abhishekspeaks can see and suggests that the planet has good energy right now to provide you with great imagination and vision, use it, and implement it positively and maturely.

Leo-  Few energies indicate issues and tough times at work/business and seem both going to stay average. Respect women in general and do not dominate or mess around with any women. Offer respect to ladies.

Virgo- Keep yourself away from bad company, addiction, etc. Will have pleasure in life. Will have good times with spouse, and girlfriend. Abhishekspeaks looking at your Rashi that the people of Virgo Rashi will be very spiritual in Sept ’22.

Libra- Devotion towards Dharma, and spirituality will increase. Good times from a wealth perspective. You may get some money which was lost or stuck. Do not speak harshly.

Scorpio- Increase in name,fame,status. Reward and recognition on cards. Maintain good relationships and do not act lethargic. Do the work on time or else you will see obstacles to your happiness,  well–being, and peace.

Sagittarius – Health issues and differences of opinion in family, friends, siblings, etc. May face issues from the landlord.

Capricorn- You will see stagnancy in your business /work etc. Take control of your expenses.  Sudden ups and down as well as sudden losses are there on the cards. Abhishekspeak suggests you make some fixed deposits for the future.

Aquarians- Be careful of your enemies. Anyone speaking sweet may not be your good friend. Do not travel with family, especially with parents in sept’22. Will excel in your professional life.

Pisces - Good time for sale purchase of land, property vehicle, etc. Will make the platform for a new start. Can be business or work whichever you are looking for.