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September 26th – October 2nd -Weekly Tarot scope

September 26th – October 2nd -Weekly Tarot scope

Weekly Tarot scope @ abundant soul connections 
Love – Knight of Swords
Career – Seven of Cups
Inner peace seems so far away as of now, however if you are willing to put in the work then it is definitively achievable. No matter how aligned we become sometimes we can feel doubtful when we have to choose our next step. Instead of asking others and looking at pros and cons just remember you need to sit with your heart and trust whatever you are getting.
Love – Nine of Pentacles
Career – Seven of Wands
Its time to set your intentions & go after what you want. You have been through a tough time during which you have questioned each & everything. Now is the time to enjoy the rewards. New opportunities are coming quickly but you must take a leap of faith as well. The current energy gives you the momentum that you need so use it well.
Love – Ace of Pentacles
Career – Death
Nothing is by chance- even the parts of your life which felt so wrong & unfair. The Universe is always working on your highest good. Learn to silence your using meditation & keep acting on the subtle hints you are getting from your guides. Just know that everything that your heart desires is already yours. So keep transforming one step at a time till you reach where you are meant to be.
Love – Nine of Cups
Career – Eight of Swords
Some of you are feeling trapped as if you have nowhere to go to. Whenever you start feeling like this just do one thing (big or small) that makes you happy. Come back to the present moment whenever you feel your mind wandering. Nothing is permanent, not even this. In case you need to hear this- I believe in you. Whatever you are struggling with, will come to an end. You’ve got this!
Love – Five of Swords
Career – Queen of Pentacles
You must learn to trust and flow. It’s easy to get impatient & want to take a shortcut but it’s really not worth it. Whatever you aspire for is not yet yours but you are being urged to keep putting your intentions & energies , trusting the process & that it will delivered to you when its meant to – not before, nor later.
Love – Four of Pentacles
Career – The Hermit
In order to face your outer struggles you must first conquer your inner demons. Once you can tame the voices within, you will stand up for what is right. Do not give in to temptations or toxic emotions. This week is about inner strength self-love and compassion, restraint and resolve.
Love – Knight of Cups
Career – Eight of Cups
You have been through a lot in life lately. While you are quite stoic & resilient, you have had to harden yourself in order to avoid repeated pain. Loosen the control you are trying to have, & allow your angels to guide you. While the going is tough right now, you will start seeing the signs of change. You may have to let go of something to make place for new things & it will break your heart but it’s all going to be so worth it in the end.
Love – The Fool
Career – The Sun
Scorpios I finally see you coming back on track after such a long period of confusion, stagnation & demotivation. I am picking up on so much excitement & movement during the next few weeks or even months. Keep your dreams above everything else & follow your plan. Baby steps every day add up to big results & the joyous fulfilling life that you so rightfully deserve.
Love – Strength
Career – Nine of Swords
Keep searching for answers for the questions which keep you awake at night. When we do not confront our fears by day, they come back to haunt us at night. Don’t try to overthink as then we silence the voice of our intuition & miss details which may have given us a solution. Be emotionally detached while you are working through things – check & double check all the details so that your plans align with your deepest intentions.

Love – Page of Pentacles
Career – The Chariot
All you ever wanted is to have a happy family & a happy life. However please know that you cannot give of yourself fully till you have nurtured & replenished yourself first. If you are not take care of yourself, you are being inauthentic & will start feeling angry & resentful. Be centred while being open to connection from others this week.
Love – King of Wands 
Career – Ten of Pentacles
When you have a decision to make & can’t decide what to do, turn to the wisdom of your ancestors for guidance & loving support. Just sit still, breathe & listen- don’t ask other people as the more opinions you hear the more confused you will get. Even if you do end up making a mistake, know that something good will come out of it & it will be a huge learning experience. Trust your choices.
Love – King of Swords
Career – The Sun
How about taking time to treat yourself this week? If you are wondering when is the perfect time to make a change, the answer is NOW! Your energy is at ease – Just keep listening to the divine guidance & you will find yourself on a sure footing very soon. If you feel alone & disheartened just remember that your angels & guides are walking ahead of you to clear the path!

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September 26th – October 2nd -Weekly Tarot scope

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