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Weekly Rashifal 26 November to 02 December 2023: Weekly Prediction

Weekly Rashifal 26 November to 02 December 2023: Weekly Prediction


Mesh Weekly Rashifal / Aries Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: You may get new work in business. You can take some important decisions. There are chances of increase in wealth. There are chances of a short distance journey in the middle of the week. Your relations with family members will be sweet. You will hear some good news. You will enjoy romance in married life. You may get a higher position in your workplace. There will be huge profits in manufacturing related business. You may have to participate in a religious event. You will not shy away from hard work this week. Youth wishing to be self-employed can get government assistance. Wednesday and Thursday are especially auspicious for new work.

Inauspicious: There may be problem of pain and fatigue in legs. Students preparing for competitive exams will be worried about their career. Company of wrong people will cause harm. Due to overconfidence, you sometimes become careless. Be a little careful regarding commission and share market on Tuesday. Avoid having feelings of prejudice towards your loved one. Selfish friends may betray you for their own benefit. Control your expenses. Do not travel on Saturday.

Remedies: Donate toys and sweets to small children.

Vrishabha Weekly Rashifal / Taurus Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: By correcting your past mistakes, you will be seen moving forward towards your goals very fast. There are also possibilities of profitable partnerships in business. You can buy an expensive gift to make your lover happy. This week is going to be full of fun. You may be assigned a higher position. At the end of the week you may have to plan a business trip. People will see many aspects of your personality. Your spouse will expect special care from you. It is also possible that you may go on a trip to some mountainous place. Wednesday and Saturday will be especially auspicious days.

Inauspicious: There may be mental pain in the first two days of the week. The elders in the house may disagree with your views. Your biggest challenge this week may be the health of your family members. Pay special attention to the health of family members. People doing government jobs should be prepared for some bitter experiences. Old bitter experiences can make you emotional. There may be complaints of cramps and stiffness on Friday. To overcome physical weakness, consume nutritious food.

Remedies: Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama once in the morning will be beneficial.

Mithun Weekly Rashifal / Gamini Weekly Prediction

Auspicious:The beginning of the week is going to be very beneficial from the financial point of view. People doing jobs can get bonus. You will be successful in attracting the one you love. This week is beneficial for buying a new shop or house. You will spend a lot of money to upgrade your lifestyle. Seniors will be alert to protect your interests. This week you will be lucky in terms of money also. You can enjoy delicious food in expensive restaurants. People close to you will follow your steps. In the middle of the week, you may get success in some old work.

Inauspicious: You may have a fight with a female friend on Tuesday. During this time you should also take care of your health. Risk of lung infection may emerge. Be careful about transactions related to property. Children will be a little careless regarding studies. People involved in social work should also take care of their families. Due to a small mistake on Saturday, any work being done may get spoiled.

Remedies: Mix Ganga water and ashes and apply Tripunda to Lord Shiva.

Karka Weekly Rashifal / Cancer Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: The beginning of the week will give you the courage to set big goals and accomplish them. The popularity of people associated with politics will increase. You will be able to present your views firmly. Your leadership skills will be appreciated. You will also be successful in proving your abilities. You can discuss your work and career with your father. You can compensate for previous losses due to sudden financial gain. Can spend quality time with loved ones. The time from Sunday to Tuesday will be completely in your favor. You may come in contact with a religious guru on Saturday.

Inauspicious: Diabetes patients may have problems with urine infection. Do not be careless about the changing weather. Small children will complain of cold and heat. Get out of your imaginary world and be practical. People doing business abroad will have to face some problems like tax etc. On Thursday, your remaining money may be spent due to some sudden problems. Always keep your behavior polite. Obscene and erotic material can spoil your focus.

Remedies: Recite one chapter of Bhagwat Geeta every morning.

Singh Weekly Rashifal / Leo Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week will be full of growth and progress. As lazy as you were last week, you will be more active this week. Your boss may announce your promotion. Students pursuing higher education may get job offers. If unemployed people also try to get a job, then this week will prove to be a great help for them. There will be harmony in the family. People who are fond of expensive items can go shopping. Your spouse's support will make your mind happy. Will participate in some auspicious event. Thursday and Friday will be especially auspicious.

Inauspicious: Do not ignore the activities of your rivals. Carelessness in diet will cause harm. On Sunday, you may get a little angry regarding cleanliness in the house. Keep your behavior good in every situation. Avoid borrowing money. Take care of the upbringing of children. Maintain discipline at home. Laziness can surround you due to cold weather. Instead of being influenced by others, focus on increasing and believing in your abilities.

Remedies: Offer Arghya to the Sun every morning. Offer yellow flowers and basil leaves to Lord Vishnu.

Kanya Weekly Rashifal / Virgo Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week you will work with full devotion. All the stalled work will become dynamic immediately. Your mind will be especially attracted towards religious activities and beliefs. You can plan to visit pilgrimage sites. Students should express respect towards their teachers. New alternative sources of income can be created. The time after Wednesday is very auspicious for you. The weekend will be very auspicious for you. Will spend good time with elder brothers and sisters. This week will be very fruitful for employed people. Can make strategies for the future.

Inauspicious: The beginning of the week will not be auspicious at all. People working abroad may face health problems. Additional pressure of expenses will increase on you. Relations with your spouse may become a bit bitter. You will have to spend money on your lover. Opponents will try to provoke your friends. Digestive diseases may occur. Stay away from places of extreme height and depth. Pressure on you will increase in business. Sunday and Monday are not auspicious.

Remedies: Donate seven types of food grains in the temple on Monday.

Tula Weekly Rashifal / Libra Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: The beginning of the week is very auspicious for new business. You will feel maturity in marital relationships. Will try to keep the mind concentrated. You can get big profits in foreign trade. You may feel quite refreshed. There are chances of expected changes in job. People will praise your ideals and behavior. If you are looking for a new job then the second half of the week is quite auspicious for it. Your daily routine will be quite balanced. Will take special care of material comforts. This week is very auspicious for love relationships.

Inauspicious: There may be a fight with the in-laws regarding financial matters. The mind may become distracted due to unknown reasons. Do not take minor diseases lightly. There may be bitterness in love relationships on Tuesday. Mistakes can also happen in money transactions. There is a possibility of stomach acidity problem. You may fall into the trap of fake advertisements on the internet. Other people will try to interfere in your work. You may have to undertake unnecessary travel on Wednesday. You should avoid illegal activities.

Remedies: Offer a white rosary garland to Lord Shiva every day.

Vrishchik Weekly Rashifal / Scorpio Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week will be full of happiness. The beginning of the week is going to be very auspicious. This week is good for students. You will get success in higher education. You may make some changes in your career. Meeting prestigious people will be useful for you. Be dedicated to your work. Hidden opponents will be defeated. The economic situation will improve. Love feelings will increase in married life. Do not delay in starting new work. You will get benefits from family members. You will get financial benefits from your in-laws. Time till Tuesday is very good.

Inauspicious: Be careful if you are going on unknown paths. Don't spoil your relations with friends. There may be a fight with someone at work on Thursday. Will be a little worried about career. Stalled work will gain momentum. There may be arguments in the family. Negligence in legal matters will result in loss. Many problems may increase in the middle of the week. Do not get entangled in unnecessary matters. Important work may get delayed on Friday.

Remedies: After bathing in the morning, recite Durga Chalisa and Kunjika Stotra.

Dhanu Weekly Rashifal / Sagittarius Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: You will be very excited this week. Children will perform brilliantly in education and competitions. You will participate in religious occasions. You will have some new experiences in the middle of the week. Which will be very useful to you in future. Keep your daily routine under control. The first three days of the week are very auspicious for students and new entrepreneurs. You will get a new responsibility from your boss on Thursday. Marital relationship is going to be very romantic. Your respect and honor will increase. Your performance in business will be excellent. You can discuss serious issues with friends.

Inauspicious: You may have a fight with your lover on Sunday. There will be concern about father's health. Some important work will be interrupted due to some reason. Your work will be affected due to laziness. Keep distance from selfish people. There may be concerns about the health of younger brothers and sisters. Blood pressure patients should avoid unnecessary anger. This week you may have to spend money on vehicle maintenance. On Saturday, there may be fights with your spouse due to some misunderstanding.

Remedies: Mix sesame seeds in water and offer it to the roots of Peepal tree on Saturday.

Makara Weekly Rashifal / Capricorn Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week you will spend money on your savings. Relatives may arrive at home. With the help of friends, the pace of business will increase. You will have to do extra work in the office. But in return you can also get promotion. Love relationships may get family approval. The weekend will give you very good results. You can take admission in new courses to further develop your talent. Engineering students can get success in campus placement. Because of your funny nature, people will desire to be friends with you. Thursday and Saturday will be especially auspicious days.

Inauspicious: The beginning of this week will be a little negative for you. Don't spoil your work in excitement. Before starting any new work, make sure to plan it. You may have to be scolded by officials. You may have a fight with some well-wisher on Sunday. There may be problems with the eyes. If you are going for an interview, do not forget to take the necessary documents with you. There will be some concern regarding children on Tuesday. Don't criticize others.

Remedies: Recite Shri Ram Stuti and Hanuman Chalisa.

Kumbh Weekly Rashifal / Aquarius Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: The beginning of the week will be very auspicious for you. Can make big contracts in business. You will share your thoughts with your partner. Will try to increase income. You may be given a higher position in the job. You will get support from brothers and sisters. Be clear in your communication style. This week is very auspicious for the implementation of new plans. There will be profit from buying and selling of land and property on Wednesday. You can plan for short distance travel. Will plan auspicious programs. Will spend money on family members. Sunday and Saturday are going to be very good days.

Inauspicious: This week you will be excessively busy in household work. Bad thoughts may arise in the subconscious mind. If there is any misunderstanding in love relationships then maintain mutual trust. You will have to give time to your loved one. Your spouse's health may cause considerable trouble in the middle of the week. There may be hindrances in ongoing work on Thursday. People living abroad will be worried about their family members. If you are taking help from someone then definitely thank him/her. You may sometimes get angry at your colleagues due to work not being done as per expectations. The time from Monday to Friday will not be auspicious.

Remedies: Light a ghee lamp in front of the Goddess.

Meena Weekly Rashifal / Pisces Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: Your work efficiency may improve. Some very important work can be completed this week. You can spend money on some auspicious program. Your fame and respect will increase. Students can get special success in studies. Maintain good relations with friends and relatives. Guidance from parents will prove especially helpful to you in your career and social life. You can plan to travel with your lover. On Tuesday, people associated with politics may get high positions.

Inauspicious: At the beginning of the week, you may have a fight with your family. There may be complaints of throat pain and infection. Respiratory patients will have health problems. Be sure to take rest and food on time. Do not disobey father's orders. You may meet some unpleasant people in the job. In such a situation, control your behavior. The latter half of the week is quite unfavorable for legal matters. Your new enemies may arise. Thursday and Friday are not auspicious.

Remedies: It would be best to donate blankets and quilts to poor people.

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Weekly Rashifal 26 November to 02 December 2023: Weekly Prediction

  Mesh Weekly Rashifal / Aries Weekly Prediction Auspicious: You may get new work in business. You can take ...

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