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Weekly Tarot scope 10 July to 16 July

Weekly Tarot scope 10 July to 16 July

Weekly Tarot scope @ abundant soul connections
July 10th -16th 
Love – Two of Swords
Career – Nine of Wands
An Eagle comes to you today to remind you to keep the higher perspective. If you feel trapped and do not know where to go and what to do next, take a deep breath and rise above. You will be able to see a way out as well as the next step to take.
Love – Two of Swords
Career – The Lovers
This is the week to manifest, manifest and manifest. A lot of time has been lost in thinking about what could be. You have a choice to either keep procrastinating or working with what is already available to you in your life. Do not hold back go all out for what you want.
Love – The Empress
Career – Tow of Pentacles
After a long time of nothing happening all abundance is starting to rain over you. The many seeds that you have planted, the hard work that you have done is all coming to fruition and your cup of joy seems to be overflowing. Follow the path of love and accept the material abundance which is coming to you with an attitude of gratitude.
Love – Page of Cups
Career – Justice
Do you feel that your life is taking on a strange new path, it seems that whatever decision or action you take gives the exact opposite result than expected. You are being thrown into situations to learn the lessons before you can up level. Sometimes the taste of failure is needed so that you can truly appreciate the good things that are coming for you.
Love – Ten of Pentacles
Career – Judgement
Be specific about what it is that you want to create. If you have left behind a dream or talked yourself out of something, here is a reminder to not give up so easily. Remember the greatest growth comes with facing our fears head on and tackling things one at a time, allow yourself to indulge in infinite possibilities and believe that big dreams can be achieved
Love – Two of Swords
Career – The Emperor
Archangel Michael steps forward this week besides you as your protector. Every time you feel insecure or afraid call on him to protect you. Live your life openly respecting your space as well the space of the others. Remove yourself from the toxic environments.
Love – Page of Pentacles
Career – The Tower
Life is constantly changing and of late it seems that all you can do is hold on to dear life and hope for better things. Rather than being scared for what is to come can you change your narrative into the knowing that you can handle whatever comes you way. Remember to be kind, loving and gentle towards yourself through this phase of great change.
Love – Six of Cups
Career – The Hermit
Be brave, it’s time to stand up for yourself and your friends by showing compassion and emotional support. Take time out and reach out to those that you feel called to, they are worrying and feel as if they are stuck in a corner with nowhere to go. Remember for yourself, your time is now and 2022 will be super special for many of you. 
Love – King of Swords
Career – The Star
This is the perfect time to step back and reflect on how much you grown. Celebrate your victories of your courage and strength, banish that which is no longer needed and create balance in your life. Replace every negative thought with a positive one because you are in perfect alignment to receive what is rightfully yours.
Love – Eight of Cups
Career – Ace of Cups
Everyone else is so focussed on their own journey that they really don’t have the time to genuinely care about what is going on with you. Don’t allow this to make you bitter cold and aloof. Rather than stopping yourself out of the fear of being judged, make a decision to heal yourself. Take your shot and stop letting your painful past create your future.
Love – Four of Wands
Career – Ace of Wands
It’s time to start giving more attention to those things that give you true happiness, as you intentionally make this a part of everyday  life, you will not only honour your purpose but become more joyful and peaceful. Do not fear the changes that will happen because they will all be positive. 
Love – The Hermit
Career – The Devil
Your prayers have been heard and support is here for you now, it comes in wonderful unexpected way. Remain is a state of gratitude even if you cannot see visible evidence of it yet. Using mindfulness techniques make the waiting more bearable. You are so loved and cherished. Follow your instinct combined with strong focus and move forward in a positive direction. Your hard work will be paid off and you will be victorious

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