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Weekly Tarot scope 21Aug to 27 Aug

Weekly Tarot scope 21Aug to 27 Aug

Weekly Tarot scope @ abundant soul connections
August 21st - August 27th 
Love – Four of Swords
Career – Nine of Wands
You may be feeling all alone as you face the uncertainties of life. It’s time for a pause and to handover your problems to God, go back to a time when you were happy and reconnect with old friends. Above everything be kind to yourself
Love – Ten of Pentacles
Career – Eight of Cups
The universe is on your side and many blessings are coming your way. You have made so many sacrifices but your financial situation is improving and will continue to get better. Think from head and not from your heart.
Love – The Magician
Career – Ten of Cups
This is such a good time of abundance and manifestations for you. From a barren land you are creating fertility joy and happiness. Everything that you have worked for will come to fruition. If you are in the middle of a negotiation be diplomatic for a positive outcome.
Love – The Lovers
Career – Page of Cups
Stay open and curious to whatever is going on around you. This is not the best time to take action as things are still not fully clear. Some alone time will be good for you. You could also get some insights about yourself. Remember to give to yourself first before giving to others
Love – Two of Pentacles
Career – Two of Swords
When one door closes another will open, don’t worry that there are no more options to explore. You always find a way to what you want, you are capable and worthy just do not react in an emotional way
Love – King of Swords
Career – The World
Its action time Virgo and all systems are a go. Waiting around is not helping you. Your goals will become a reality if you believe in yourself and take the first step. Hard work plus dedication is needed, stay consistent, do whatever needs to be done and keep going.
Love – Three of Pentacles
Career – Strength
Stop making everything happen at the same time, make a to do list and tick it off one by one. Be realistic and open if someone criticizes you – you are not being judged, you are laying a foundation of your future. Keep hope alive.
Love – Ten of Pentacles
Career – Five of Cups
Make well thought out choices because they will positively impact your future. The only person holding you, is you. Positive self-talk with actionable steps is what is needed, your ancestors are very close to you and guiding you
Love – Queen of Wands
Career – Six of Wands
New adventures are here or on the way, keep believing that better days are coming. Have positive expectations and desires, and attract good things in your life like a giant magnet. Remember mistakes are proof that you are trying, be selfless and help others with no expectations
Love – Wheel of Fortune
Career – Page of Cups
You are going through a time of great personal development, at this time you will find that your thoughts are very quick and sharp and understand things with great ease. You enjoy making others feel good. Life is about to change at any moment with positive new energy, situations and experiences
Love – Knight of Cups 
Career – Ten of Swords 
Nothing outside of you has power over you, you decide how you will think, feel and do things in your life. There are no magic solutions so commit to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Anchor yourself in positive energy so that the circumstances that once challenged you will now strengthen you.
Love – The Empress
Career – Page of Pentacles
Share your joy even if you have little. Focus on people who need a little uplifting. There is no need to control or put others down, simply observe without reacting. With each breath fill yourself with peace and get ready to enjoy abundance that is coming in your life.

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