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Weekly Tarot scope-September 5th – September 11th

Weekly Tarot scope-September 5th – September 11th

Weekly Tarot scope @ abundant soul connections
September 5th – September 11th 
Love – Wheel of Fortune
Career – Page of Cups
You are going through a time of great personal development, at this time you will find that your thoughts are very quick and sharp and understand things with great ease. You enjoy making others feel good. Life is about to change at any moment with positive new energy, situations and experiences
Love – Seven of Cups
Career – Nine of Swords
You are holding on to either a relationship, friendship or a job and this is stopping you from finding the joy at this time. Spirit says that even though you are surrounded by people you feel lonely or you don’t belong. Spirit wants you to know that by clinging on to these things you are not allowing any space to welcome what you actually need, so release the old and welcome the new.
Love – The Hermit
Career – Knight of Cups
You are guided to focus and reflect allow yourself to get into the zone and look deeply within. This is an important time to increase your concentration and listen to your institution. Wear any crystal you are drawn to get connected to its powerful energy and experience inspiration in your life, once this fog clears you may see many blessings around you.
Love – Knight of Wands
Career – Knight of Pentacles
No one, nothing can compel to be either happy or unhappy. It is always your choice. You are being nudged to let go of stress and find peace wherever you can. Stress is making you feel anxious and depleted, so this week only focus on being peaceful.
Love – Four of Cups
Career – Ten of Swords
You are awakening to the realisation that you can create your desired future. Know that you are not a puppet tied to the strings of fate. Take ownership of your life as you are the sole creator of your destiny. Learn to live life and yourself. Master your mind with positive affirmations to create your desired future.
Love – Ten of Wands
Career – Death
In the near future you will be starting a new journey. The moment we take a leap of faith, new beginnings start blossoming in reality. The energy of growth is very strong this week so open your heart and mind to receive and shift your perspective. Though you may be feeling at the end of the rope, stop playing small and repeating the old pattern
Love – The Fool
Career – Knight of Swords
Check in with yourself how your different relationships are going. In every relationship there is always a balancing act of being kind and faithful and also craving the same in return. If there is any imbalance identify it and talk it out with the other person
Love – Ace of Cups
Career – Five of Cups
There is no situation too complicated or obstacle which is impossible to surmount, put your mind to whatever is troubling you and look for answers in unexpected places. Follow you intuition even though the things may not make sense logically 
Love – Wheel of Fortune
Career – High Priestess
Life is a season of ups and downs, good and bad days, positives and negatives. At times we leave situation by choice and other times the universe steps in to remove them. This is the right time for the end this season of your life. Remember that what is meant to be yours will be yours and those who are meant to be in this season will return as some connections can not be broken
Love – Nine of Pentacles
Career – Queen of Pentacles
You know what you need this week, trust your intuition as chances are that it is very load. Be confident and proud doing what is best for you and in pursuit of your dreams. There is no need to apologize as your confidence and independence inspires and motivates others.
Love – Seven of Pentacles 
Career – The Moon 
If there are difficult people in your life you do not need to always win against them. If you refuse to engage fights will no longer come looking for you. However there is a fine balance in not engaging or responding to a person, make sure that you do not turn away the good people in life by being non commutative and callous.
Love – Two of Pentacles
Career – Two of Swords
When one door closes another will open, don’t worry that there are no more options to explore. You always find a way to what you want, you are capable and worthy just do not react in an emotional way 

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