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Weekly tarot reading 31July to 6 Aug

Weekly tarot reading 31July to 6 Aug

Weekly Tarot scope @ abundant soul connections
Love – The Hermit
Career – Queen of Wands
This week you are learning to trust and integrate your spiritual gifts in your daily life. Your sixth sense is a natural ability. It does not involve thinking. If you are trying to figure out things by yourself then you are blocking your progress. Be gentle to yourself during this time. Things are going to happen quickly for you.
Love – The Moon
Career – Four of Wands
It does not matter how our life looks to others. The most important thing is to find experiences that are fulfilling for you. Stop caring about appearances, be free and vibrant. Even though many people turned their backs on you, you have survived so be happy and grateful for that.
Love – The Hierophant
Career – Nine of Wands
Sometimes we hand over our power to people who look like they know more than us. The harsh reality is that the key to success always lie in our own hands. There have been so much of heartbreak and rejection in the past few months but what goes down will come up one day. Still your mind as I promise good time are coming.
Love – Justice
Career – Queen of Wands
The angels remind you to move in a way that hurts and disturbs no one. Be patient and forgiving with others. Strengthen your existing relationships as well as make new long lasting bonds with people. You are moving to a new loving phase of life so nurture everything that is important to you.
Love – Page of Cups
Career – Ten of Cups
You block your own blessings when you are constantly questioning and doubting yourself. The key to manifestation is to live as if your blessings have already arrived. Be open and curious without trying to logically explain an experience. Know that you and your family are protected so enjoy the family time.
Love – The Emperor
Career – Six of Cups
Don’t make excuses for other people’s action. Before rushing out to help someone, see whether you have routine and structure in your life. You will find that everyone has their agenda and someone will show their true colours to you, cut off this person and concentrate on yourself
Love – Death
Career – King of Wands
You are so caught up in the tiny details of your life that you have become heavy and slow moving. This week work on a project that is important to you. Don’t get caught up in the little details, keep on moving and come back later to refine.
Love – The Moon
Career – Five of Cups
This week step into the unknown and take a chance. Let go of worry and anxiety as new experiences are presented. Take a leap of faith because even from the most barren circumstances you can improve and create something new. Focus on your finances
Love – Ace of Cups
Career – Nine of Wands
This week do more than expected of you as you are capable of doing great things. Cultivate a great work ethic so that the higher ups notice you. Work hard and complain less and render helping hand wherever required and the reward will be all yours. Keep an open mind and don’t jump to conclusions as you are on the way to shine in whatever you do this week.
Love – Seven of Pentacles
Career – Three of Cups
If you are single you may meet someone soon and your relationship may bloom into a long lasting one. Focus on the energy you are sending as this will be magnified and sent back to you. Some things are outside of our control so stay as present and grounded as possible. 

Love – Strength
Career – Six of Cups
Karma has really played a role in your life in recent times. If you haven’t noticed patterns which are repeating again and again the sit quietly and evaluate where you are constantly succeeding and failing. There is no shame in asking for help and if help comes accept it gracefully. If you are not revelling in success already you will soon.
Love – Six of Wands
Career – Temperance
You will rise up against all the odds and you will be rewarded not just by yourself but by others too, for how you hung on. You will notice that the things that you wanted have changed. Don’t fight the process of transformation because the old is purging out. Let things go their own pace, you will be ready to get to action very soon.

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