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Weekly Rashifal 18th February to 24th February 2024: Weekly Prediction

Weekly Rashifal 18th February to 24th February 2024: Weekly Prediction


Mesh Weekly Rashifal / Aries Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: The beginning of the week is going to be very good for you. Will complete the much awaited tasks very well. Students will perform very well in academic activities. Marriageable youth can get good relationships. You may get a big order in business. You may plan to attend a function. You will be full of confidence in your decisions. Family members will support you. Will plan some renovation in the house. Your popularity and credibility will increase. Monday and Tuesday will be pleasant days.

Inauspicious: You will face problems due to seasonal diseases. People may distance themselves from you due to selfish behavior. There may be some hindrance in the hotel business. This week you should stay away from loans. You will face problems due to changing weather. One should stay away from useless people. Will have to travel somewhere suddenly. You will get benefits due to disciplined behavior. Keep control on children. You may have disagreements with your children. Thursday and Saturday will not be pleasant days.

Remedies: Go to the temple of Mother Goddess and serve.

Vrishabha Weekly Rashifal / Taurus Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: The beginning of the week will prove auspicious for you. Try to make full use of your time. You may get success in competitive examinations. Will be able to implement the plans well. Financial weakness will go away. There will be opportunities for promotion in job. Money will arrive easily. Youth can get excellent job opportunities. You will spend a relaxing time with your spouse. The scope of your public relations will increase. Traveling abroad will be beneficial. Sunday and Friday will be especially auspicious.

Inauspicious: There will be a fear of losing some important thing. Keep your things safe. You should avoid arrogant behavior in friendship relationships. You may be worried about old debts. Your work may get spoiled due to overconfidence. People associated with the art field will be worried about the performance. There may be problem of itching in the body. Do not take urinary problems lightly. There is a possibility of some secret things coming out. Be careful in transactions with unknown people. Monday and Saturday will not be auspicious.

Remedies: Offer butter and sugar candy to Lord Krishna.

Mithun Weekly Rashifal / Gamini Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week will be very good for making new plans. You will get the support of luck. Will make ideas of doing new experiments in business. You will get solution to the problem of children. People associated with marketing and finance will get benefits. Will pay attention to the happiness of the family. You will benefit from the decisions taken by you. You will get the company of senior and experienced people. Positive attitude will develop within you. Try to live a good and organized life. People associated with technical education will get a lot of benefits.

Inauspicious: Be flexible in your thoughts. Will feel a little weak physically. You will be a little worried regarding court matters. The middle part of the week is going to be auspicious for you. You will have to pay more attention in your job. Instead of being emotional, one should work practically. It will take time to start the schemes under consideration. There may be problems while traveling abroad. Money will be spent on diseases. There may be sudden financial loss. You will have to work harder on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Remedies: Chant following mantra 108 times every morning and evening-
                                ॐ नमः शिवाय

Karka Weekly Rashifal / Cancer Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week will prove to be good for you. The mind will be excited due to good profits in business. Will give enough time to his family. Students are going to take great interest in studies. There will be a feeling of sweetness in love relationships. Keep your eating habits pure. Youth who dream of studying abroad may get excellent opportunities. It is very important for you to keep your lifestyle balanced. Health related problems will get resolved. Children may get advancement in career. Sunday, Thursday and Friday will be pleasant days.

Inauspicious: There may be complaints of body pain at the beginning of the week. You remain positive and advise others to remain positive too. Dragging anything will harm you. Relationship with your spouse may become a bit bitter. Don't doubt what anyone says about your working style. Avoid stress and anger. Do not influence anyone's interests in the desire for more profit. You should avoid doing new experiments in business. Your work will be affected due to lack of money. Be careful while using iron tools.

Remedies: Feed bread to a black dog after applying oil on it.

Singh Weekly Rashifal / Leo Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: Your income may increase this week. You will get benefits from old investments. You can plan to do something big. You will get an opportunity to showcase your creative abilities in front of people. Husband and wife will respect each other's feelings. You will benefit from the decisions taken by you. You need to work with concentration. Will find solution to the problem with the help of friends. You can plan to visit natural places. No matter how busy you are with online shopping and internet, you must spend time with family. You must meditate. It will be beneficial to move towards your goals slowly. The time from Sunday to Tuesday will be especially auspicious.

Inauspicious: The budget may get disturbed due to excess expenses. Avoid eating heavy and outside food. Don't look at good things from the opposite perspective. Keep your morale up. If your health is not well, you should consult a doctor on time. Diabetes patients should take special care of health. It will be necessary to maintain transparency in relationships. Do not allow interference from other people in the family. There may be an atmosphere of discord. Defamation may happen on Thursday. There may be a fight with your spouse on Friday.

Remedies: Offer janeu, durva and modak to Lord Ganesha.

Kanya Weekly Rashifal / Virgo Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: You are going to get relief from career related problems. Your financial condition will be very good. Will fulfill family responsibilities well. You will get the benefits of your hard work. You may also take considerable interest in literature and writing etc. Newly married couples can also do family planning. Will go for a walk with the family on Sunday. You will get desired results in business also. Financial situation will be very good. The time from Tuesday to Friday will be especially auspicious.

Inauspicious: This week you should be cautious of your enemies. Take care of the needs of the elders in the house. You will behave well with people, but people may misunderstand you. You may mingle a lot with people of the opposite sex. Due to which you may be viewed with suspicion. Do not put pressure on anyone with your words and ideas. Loving couples should maintain mutual trust. At the end of the week you will have to face unnecessary expenses.

Remedies: Float 7 batashas in running water.

Tula Weekly Rashifal / Libra Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week will be beneficial for you in all respects. All days of the week will be good for you. Married people may get good marriage proposals. Special blessings of your teachers and boss will be upon you. It would be better if you concentrate and complete your work. People associated with the manufacturing sector may get a big project this week. You will be successful in showcasing your abilities and influence on your colleagues. You will definitely get benefits by showing management ability and patience. Your inclination towards religion will increase. The end of the week will be especially beneficial.

Inauspicious: The beginning of the week will not be auspicious. If you feel some problem in your stomach and intestines, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. You may have to face strange situations regarding extramarital love affairs. It will be more beneficial for you to live in reality instead of false hopes. If you are building a new house, then you will have to hustle and bustle about it. The office environment will remain normal. Don't do any big work on Tuesday.

Remedies: Offer a chola in the name of Ram to Hanuman ji.

Vrishchik Weekly Rashifal / Scorpio Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: Receiving some good news will bring new enthusiasm in life. You will definitely get success by working in a disciplined manner. The week will prove to be especially auspicious for consultancy and medical sector workers. People associated with real estate sector can get a big deal. There will be an increase in the feeling of love in married life. People associated with media may get awards. There are chances of getting job offers from abroad. Friday and Saturday are going to be especially beneficial days.

Inauspicious: The beginning of the week is going to be a bit of a struggle. You may lose a big opportunity due to attachment. Disputes and troubles are also possible in the family. You can do work which you may not like. This week you should control your mind. Make an action plan keeping your bank balance in mind. Don't be too concerned with showing off. Someone close to you may refute your trust. Do not stay away from religious thoughts. Monday and Tuesday are going to be a bit heavy days.

Remedies: Chant the following mantra daily.
                 ॐ आदित्याय नमः

Dhanu Weekly Rashifal / Sagittarius Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: The beginning of the week is going to be good. This week you will get the opportunity to choose your work as per your interest. Luck is going to be on your side. Therefore, work fearlessly and you will definitely get success. You will be attracted towards a lifestyle of indulgence and luxury. Male natives may also get a new girlfriend. Business will also be very good. Your social contacts will be influential. You will be elated with the remarkable success in your children's education. Some function may be scheduled in the family.

Inauspicious: You should be careful while using machines. Be careful while shopping online. Some people may become angry with you due to your electoral nature. Take decisions only after seeing the convenience of others. Don't waste time on unnecessary things. Working to show off to others will result in loss. Any past bad memory may suddenly become fresh. Adopt a balanced attitude regarding financial matters. You should not do any work without thinking, because due to this you may have to face some trouble yourself. Sunday and Saturday will prove to be weak days.

Remedies: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra daily.

Makara Weekly Rashifal / Capricorn Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: Any new business can be started this week. There will be sweetness in marital relations. You will get benefits due to a good and organized lifestyle. You will get full support from friends. Will be successful in your work. There will be opportunities for new work. You may receive awards from social organizations. Your decision making ability will be strong. Will get benefits from subordinate employees. Business class can expand your work. Employed people will get new job opportunities. The beginning of the week will be very good. There will be certainty in income.

Inauspicious: Well, this week is going to be very good for you. You should stay away from shares and speculative activities. Due to changing weather, you will have to face allergies and cough problems. Obstacles may arise due to unnecessary misunderstanding. Too much running around can cause fatigue. Don't misuse your rights. Someone close to you may betray you. You should avoid anger. You may experience laziness and restlessness. Old differences with friends may resurface. The mind will remain dissatisfied on Monday and Saturday.

Remedies: Recite Durga Chalisa in the morning and evening.

Kumbh Weekly Rashifal / Aquarius Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: This week is going to be very positive for you. Maintain harmony between heart and mind. The talent hidden within you will be revealed to everyone. You can get the benefit of past experiences. You will concentrate especially on creative work. There will be sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife. Success will definitely come after struggle. You will get benefits in property related contracts. After Tuesday, you may get some big achievement in your work field. Maintain balance in thoughts.

Inauspicious: The beginning of the week will be a bit normal. Be a little careful regarding money related matters. Enemies may dominate you. Be careful while driving. Sometimes you may see the effect of negativity. Headache and migraine patients should take care of their health. Be loyal in love relationships. Don't take others' words too seriously. Complete your tasks peacefully.

Remedies: Offer sugarcane juice on Shivalinga.

Meena Weekly Rashifal / Pisces Weekly Prediction

Auspicious: At the beginning of the week, you will be filled with some artistic feelings. This week will be good for expressing your feelings. Old problems will be solved due to positive attitude. You can get back the money lent. The week will be good for people associated with politics. Will try to do all the work in a planned manner. This will increase morale and enthusiasm. You can buy good clothes and jewellery. Sunday and Saturday will prove to be especially auspicious and fruitful.

Inauspicious: If you have started a new business or job, you will have to work harder. Maintain focus on your goals. You will have to face some obstacles in daily work. There will be difficulty in starting the schemes under consideration at the right time. You should avoid unnecessary expenses. Don't let your mind wander. Be careful while taking allopathic medicines. You should take special care of your health. You will have to be a little careful in matters of love affairs. There may be problems in personal life on Monday and Friday.

Remedies: Recite Rudrashtak daily in the morning and evening.

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Weekly Rashifal 18th February to 24th February 2024: Weekly Prediction

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