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Weekly Tarot scope-September 19th – September 25th 

Weekly Tarot scope-September 19th – September 25th 

Love – Knight of Swords
Career – Eight of Pentacles
Sometimes when we are about to make a decision, we are looking at external sources to give us direction we need to take, whereas you should take full responsibilities for all that happens in your life. You can empower or disempower yourself as the answers are found within. You are not a helpless being thrown around by circumstances or situations, you are a divine being who can do and have whatever you choose. So choose wisely
Love – Death
Career – Five of Pentacles
How about taking time to treat yourself this week? If you are wondering when is the perfect time to make a change, the answer is NOW! Your energy is at ease – Just keep listening to the divine guidance & you will find yourself on a sure footing very soon. If you feel alone & disheartened just remember that your angels & guides are walking ahead of you to clear the path!
Love – The Emperor
Career – Strength
Rejoice in the coming of good days, rebirth and renewal. In the tapestry of life the black and white colours are giving way to more colourful blooms, remember to choose wisely, build a routine and stick to it and finish all the tasks on the same day. 
Love – Four of Wands
Career – Two of Swords
Its very easy to give, but for many of us it is hard to ask and receive. This week you are being told that it is okay to ask for help, lean on your family, and stop pouring from an empty cup. Practice being calm so that you can be in the right state of mind to make better choices.
Love – Seven of Pentacles
Career – Queen of Wands
The life you deserve is coming, if you have faith you can manifest anything in the physical reality. Whatever was hidden will now emerge to show what exactly is going on. You might feel scared and uncertain but just keep the faith and keep going.
Love – Knight of Cups
Career – Page of Swords
Instead of comparing yourself to others just look where you were a few months ago and be proud of how far you have come. Instead of feeling like a victim, get out of your head and poor me thoughts and enjoy your success. No more obsessive worrying and self-doubt.
Love – The Hanged Man
Career – Ace of Swords
Remember that doing the right thing is amplified by adding gratitude and confidence in the desired result. You are eager to move away from this harmonious situation but this is not the right time to change the page. Work on stabilizing yourself emotionally to attract love and respect.
Love – Ten of Sword
Career – Page of Wands
In order to face your outer struggles you must first conquer your inner demons. Once you can tame the voices within, you will stand up for what is right. Do not give in to temptations or toxic emotions. This week is about inner strength self-love and compassion, restraint and resolve
Love – Temperance
Career – Two of Cups
Some of you will be chosen to be a part of a successful venture be guided by your intuition and higher self. Your willpower drive and charisma has put you on the road to achieve success and prosperity. Remember to collaborate with others to get closer to your goal
Love – Four of Pentacles
Career – Four of Wands
Let go off of self-centeredness, stay positive even though you may feel that you are fighting a losing battle. Stay on track as it will be so worth it. The mantra this week is focus and consistency.
Love – Ace of Pentacles 
Career – The Tower
Some unexpected events may throw you off. This is a jolt of energy to remind you to keep letting go of things, people and situations which no longer serve you. Set aside some time early this week to pinpoint exactly what needs to go once you release you will begin to experience serious progress
Love – Seven of Swords
Career – The Empress
If you keep looking back how can you see what lies ahead. There may well be a pit ahead into which you can fall if your focus is on the past and not in the present. It’s time to plant the seeds for the next chapter of your life. If you are passionate about a certain field start educating yourself on it and add to your knowledge. Stay open to help from others

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