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Predictions for July 2022: Tarot reading by Vandana Narrang

Predictions for July 2022: Tarot reading by Vandana Narrang


PICK A CARD and seek guidance for the month of July 2022. 

Please find enclosed Tarot Card guidance for July  2022.

In case you feel drawn to more than 1 group, please choose more than 1 group. 

July energy for the collective : 

With half the year left , time for slow down , introspect,seek clarity and then take decisions for the next 6 months . Some may take a break and go for a vacation .  It is a month for open communication ,cutting oneself from the toxic relationship , people or activities and indulge in activities or people who will help you move forward . Many will be high on emotions. Stay vigilant . Time is of essence . 

Tip : Listen to the advise received. Take actions later .

Group 1: 1. Confusions and doubts will fade away soon . You will feel energetic and would like to finish a lot of pending actions. New opportunities in love and work . Clear communication will help at this early stage of relationship or work . Those having long term dreams , time to start the work now . The path will get clearer slowly . Relationships are passionate and straightforward at the same time . Think before you talk .

Group 2: 2. You will be in pleasant surprises this month . At work protect your interests at all times . You may not like an opportunity at first but it will come out very well for you in near future. Some may get sudden inflow of money... Bonus or stuck money . Singles get ready for the marriage proposal you have been waiting for. Celebration in the family is foreseen  .

Group 3:   3. Wisdom will prevail this month . Some endings will result in new beginnings . This could be change of place of work , department or position . You will attract attention this month dear Leo . Focus on the positives . Those worrying over ailing family member will see positive results.New love will appear for Singles . Some women will come to high positions this month .
This is general reading and may not resonate with everyone. Please message for personalised reading through vediclyfe.com . 

Love and Light 🙌
Vandana Narrang