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Sun Transit in Libra 2021. Five Rashi need to be careful

Sun Transit in Libra 2021. Five Rashi need to be careful

Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra from 17 Oct'21 to 16 Nov'21, 5 zodiac signs should be careful.

The prediction is based on your janam moon rashi. You can login to vediclyfe.com to check your rashi.Lets see the rashifal for all 12 Rashi's-

Aries-Issues in stomach,kidney,piles etc .Unwanted travel should be avoided.You may feel low, demotivated,inferior during initial days of transit.Loss of status,respect.May feel tensed
Taurus-Releif from disease,enemies. Defeat of enemies ,success at interviews and letigation.Relief from saddnes and unwanted attachements etc
Gemini- Mental anxiety,tension mainly because of attachment with wordly things and people. Mind will behave fikckle.
Cancer-Disease and hurdles in happiness. Struggle at work,lack of pleasure.

Leo-Property,land,vechile,happiness on cards during this period. Good period to earn and accumulate wealth,Will do good work or will get good news.Defeat of enemies.Winning in letigation,disputes is foreseen in this period of sun transit for people born in gemini rashi.

Virgo-Loss of wealth,Lack of pleasure,you will be admant which is not good for you. You may get cheated .People will try and get their work done through you by using unethical techniques.Be careful and do not trust people without proper investigation.

Libra-Hard work is required during this period .Control your.anger .Agression and Anger will be high(If things are not as per your wish) .High expenses,travel to places or in the same place.

Scorpio- Tension,disputes,loss of wealth,fever,friends ,siblings will behave like enemies
Saggitarius- May buy/get property.Increase in name,fame, status.Profits is seen with this transit.Metarial pleasure,comfort. A good time.During this period you may get relief from disease.A time of good health and wealth.

Capricorn-Success at work, You may take up big task and will get success in it. Hurdles will reduce

Aquarius -Emotional issues which will make you feel demotivated. Distance from near and dear once .Loss at work.

Pisces-Disease on cards hence it is advised to take care of your health and soul energy. Get into regular yoga. You may get into unwanted fear,agression,tension,disputes. Fear of king,bosses,govt,officers. They may not be happy with you.

By -Abhishek Sinha

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