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Your Mahadasha Prediction for 2022

Your Mahadasha Prediction for 2022


Your planet Mahadasha/Antardasha and results: Check which mahadasha/Antardasha you are going through. In this article we will discuse overall generic view of current Mahadasha, how it performs in chart . Though it's totally depends on the energy your mahadasha is carrying, but let's check the basic tone.

If going through:

1. Sun Mahadasha: From 10 April to 18 May ,the time was supposed to be good, however , you would still have faced issues in your outlook and appreciations . More effort was required and you should have maintained good relationship with your father/Bosses to get good results......


2.Mars Mahadasha: 20 Feb to 10 April 22 would have performed good for you... Next good trigger can happen in last in June 22....


3.Mercury Mahadasha: 1 July to 28 July ,is planned to do well.. Don't miss the time.


4.Guru Mahadasha: From Mid of April till next year May 23 is going to be a fruitful period. Rest depends a lot on detailed analysis but the base energy of good.


5.Venus Mahadasha: From 20th April to 26 May 22, the time period is good and the planet of mahadasha is planned to do well. Use the time and get rid of all mental/ Physical clutter.Increase clearness, cleanliness in life.


6.Saturn Mahadasha: The period from 12 April to 15 July 22 is going to do good for you. May reset and give you opportunity to shape up the things which dispaired. How you react , will decide a lot of things in the near future.


7.Rahu Mahadasha: 12 April 22 to 30 Oct 23 Quite unpredictable mode he is in and may trigger new things.. Need to be very careful and investigative before you take any call. Not that great if steps are not taken carefully. Do not do anything in hurry or illusion.


8. Ketu Mahadasha: Same time period as Rahu. This will talk a lot about your designation, marriage life , marriage, business partnership,contracts.You are supposed to get lot of good results in these areas but have to go thru transformation. Lot of disconnection and connection is seen, so you may go thru transformation.


9. Moon Mahadasha: Not mentioned as it will always have different results in different days but may get good results on 9,10,11 May, 7 and 18 May will be tough, 30 and 31 May can be great.


Will come up with detailed video on my YouTube channel "Astro planetary dance " soon ...

God bless you with happiness

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